Hotel Kitty
Hotel Kitty


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Sundays are closed for Drop off and collection.
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Woodland Suite

From: £35.00

Sundays are closed for Drop off and collection.

Woodland suite, treetop adventure, treehouses, 32inch Tv with virtual aquarium, bubble tube aquarium.

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VIP & Upgrades


  • All dishes are freshly prepared and served on a china plate.
  • Lean Free Range Chicken succulent slices of free range chicken slowly poached and garnished with a sprinkle of catnip.
  • Fresh coldwater Prawns Succulent and juicy cold water prawns.
  • Alaskan Salmon Flakes Gorgeous poached Alaskan salmon flaked and served with a sprinkle of catnip.
  • Bedtime Dreamies and Milk £2.50
  • Guest update package : One update and photo per week included : Extra updates £4 per update or Bundle three updates £10.0
  • Raw Nutriment
  • Raw Purrform
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VIP Menu, Dreamies & Milk, Guest updates Each, Guest updates Bundle, Raw Purrform, Raw Nutriment

Spa Packages


  • Mini Spa Package : £15.00
  • Gentle Coat Groom and Condition using waterless Conditioner.
  • Gentle Eye cleanse.
  • Full Spa Package : £35.00
  • Gentle undercoat removal.
  • Waterless coat massage and refresh.
  • Gentle eye cleanse, Gentle ear cleanse.
  • Skin & coat revitalise & condition.
  • Invigorating massage using oatmeal paw butter.
  • Thrive cat treats to finish with bowl of warm milk.
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Spa Packages

Mini Spa Package, Full Spa Package

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Phone: 01233 421537